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365 days in a year 215 days you work. Enjoy your days off

Updated: Oct 13, 2021


Bitch you better Blog # 4

What the fuck? I feel like we are getting robbed out of Vacation days

Today I posted on my personal Facebook page as I was preparing for work. It got me to thinking how many working days there in a year are.

My post and some actual dialog.

If it's 365 days in a years.

How many working days are there in a year for 9-5ers?

How many vacation days do you get?

Please don't tell my 9-5 ass I have a lot of vacation. According to my calculations this shit still ain't adding up.

You work about 2/3 of the year....approx 215 days.....365 minus 104 for weekends, minus 11 for paid holidays, minus 25 for 5 weeks vac, and 5 for personal days...minus another 5 for a sick week... Never enough time off.................til you retire....

Donna Bruno is one of my retire co-workers. She had over 33 years of service with my company. She has now been retired for over 4 years

One of the best things about my job. 10-14 wks furlough every year and you still collect benefits because it’s considered “lack of work”. ”

Morilla is a friend of mine. She is an electrician for a Local Union in New York City. I am inspired by her. There are not many African American Women electricians in her field.

I get 6 weeks per year. this year, because I didn't take much last year, I have 9 weeks to use.

use them all sis... Use them all

Noonie i definitely am. I plan on being in the US for 2 months and that's without using any of my PTO. medical leave. the 9 weeks will be for personal fun travel only.”

Robin is a friend of mine. She is currently working in Paris France. She packed up her life here in the USA and moved abroad. Another African-American woman who was bold and in my book totally badass. We worked together at a Luxury travel company called Up in the Air Life. I worked there for almost 3 years. It was a wonderful experience.

That's why that compressed work week is nice to have. I worked that 9-5 thing in 2018-2020......after working 7years of a compressed schedule. Ill never ...NEVER go back to a 9-5!! Give me my 12hr work schedule and my 3-4days off”

MaryPoppin Cherries is a friend of mine. This is her perspective. The 4 day work week works best for her.

I took these comments and really thought about how each person views their time. I work a 9-5 job for the past 28 years. As my retired coworker Donna put it “ approx. 215.. 365 minus 104 for weekends, minus 11 for paid holidays, minus 25 for 5 weeks vac, and 5 for personal days…minus another 5 for a sick week.. Never enough time off…. Till you retire…

Why would I ask that question? I am 2 years from the finish line as I am going to put. I can really feel when I will have more time to reset. I wonder does society or the world for that matter ever really sit down and consider how much time they take to do things.

Is it time for corporations to understand workers are burnt out? Maybe if they offer 4-day work week, or remote working they can have more productive and healthier employees. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. Maybe working from home for the past year has changed everything for me. Looking at the amount of time I spend at work I do not like it. I like my job I like what I do. However, I do not want to spend that much time at work. I do not think 30 days off a year is enough for anyone to reset and be 100 percent productive. Is this a sign its time for me to retire? I want a slower pace of living. Maybe I can be a professional vacationer. I will not even be 50 so I can really enjoy life. I am one lucky woman.

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