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Meet Noonie?

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling author, and motivational speaker

Noonie Greene wants to live in a world where travel is plentiful, people are living their best lives and she is helping connect the dots. Just call her the ‘Goddess of Fun’, and you’ll get a clear picture of this authentic, raw, courageous and full of love Brooklynite.

As a 27-year career customer service champion and a conflict result specialist for Verizon, she has always worked to find solutions. She is proud of her service as a union steward and it is that mindset along with her zest for life that birthed her new business...

 The Noonie Experience


 To know her is to love her. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Plain, and simple she wants people to have fun and live their lives to the fullest. That’s why The Noonie Experience is a natural next step. She has unofficially been living this work for decades. Now she’s making it official as a lifestyle coach and fun and relaxation expert.

Noonie counsels people by sharing her personal journey of tragedy, triumph and travel. She’s been to more than 27 countries, 15 of those trips solo. Even after a devastating accident on a trip to Panama that left her with broken ribs and vertebra, travel centers her and is her best escape.

As an effective communicator, she’s mastered the art of listening which is key to helping clients discover or rediscover fun. Noonie says it’s the little things that sometimes make the biggest impact.

She has been featured in places ranging from Essence Magazine to Facebook to local award shows. She won a dance battle in Madison Square Garden Arena, hosted an online radio show, emceed ceremonies, and curated events as a lifestyle coordinator in New York City for
a travel company. On top of all of that, Noonie is the primary caregiver for her mother and with the help of family and friends she is able to manage that too!

​She lives life on purpose and looks forward to helping others do the same.

Her next venture includes hosting events online, locally and internationally. The Noonie Experience offers group and individual programs where Noonie will challenge you to do things outside of your norm while encouraging you to enjoy the small things.

Noonie lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and always knows how to have a good time!


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Noonie Greene- The Noonie Experience

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The Goddess of Fun

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