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"I am the Goddess of Fun ... welcome to the Noonie Experience. Buckle up for one hell of a ride."                  

                               ~ Noonie

                                         (Greene, 2021)


Who is Noonie? 

Entrepreneur, best selling author,  motivational speaker and coach.

Noonie wants to live in a world where travel is plentiful, people are living their best lives and she is helping connect the dots. 

Just call her the "Goddess of Fun," and you'll get a clear picture of this authentic, raw, courageous and full of love Brooklynite!

As a 27-year career customer service champion and a conflict result specialist for Verizon, she has always worked to find solutions. She is proud of her service as a union steward and it is that mindset along with her zest for life that birthed her new business...

"The Noonie Experience"

Drink Sampler

Dancing with the Noonettes