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Battle Dance Let's Get it.

First of all Music is life. Periodt point blank. Its the bass, the strings , the harmony, the rhythm how my body reacts to the hook. I am an African- American woman from Brooklyn that was able to battle dance a man in Colombia. Yes I went to Cartagena Colombia and went to a local nightclub that was bumping Colombian music. The music was in Spanish and everyone was moving and shaking. Shit I grew up near Bushwick so I was already heavily influenced with my Puerto Rican pecans. I stepped in the spot and I was already swaying side to side. My crew secured us some seats. My first question is where is the bar? You know yall gurl came to turn the fuck up. I am on vacation. Who knows if I will ever be able to afford to come back here. This party gurl came to party. Well I am always misjudged. As soon as I got my first drink and took a sip its on. Okay so, I do my little Spanish dance moves I picked up on my little journeys and just following the music with my body. Its so fucking magical how fluid I am when I hear any beat. Well back to the Colombian take down. This dancer thought I was game so she salsa'd her sexy self to me and I gave it her. Move for move. I grabbed her and went off. Had the whole room cheering me on. We had a fucking blast. So this other time I cruised the Nile for 7 days in Egypt. This was a whole mood. An amazing experience I will never forget. It was over 50 of us that went. I felt like we took over the country. Anyway we have an Egyptian night they pull out all the stops. The Belly dancer comes out. So the music is good. I'm doing my thang, again when I come to a party I come to shake a little ass and have a little fun. So rolls up on me. First of all sis I aint letting nobody out dance me. I don't care if I don't got Megan Knees. There are other things I can do. You hear me. I took her down. Second of all I have been to too many , North Carolina percolating, New Orleans bouncing, Brooklyn feteing/liming parties. I know how work that waistline. I twisted my waist up and kept my back still and dropped to the floor to finish her the crowd went wild. So if you invite to a party that's exactly what I am coming to do. Where the drinks where the food because the fun just arrived and is ready!

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