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Depressions Looks different on Everybody!

This is a think piece and my opinion. you can choose to agree or not. I say we all as human beings have all different type of emotions. Those emotions range from happy to sad. Lets think about this for a minute. Happiness looks different on everyone. Just because you are not smiling from ear to ear does not mean you are not happy. So for two moments I want you to stop and think. How depression can look different on everybody. For me I have days when I feel depressed. It doesn't mean that when I am around you I will show sadness. I have learned to hide my feelings. Just because someone does not cry(I'm a crier) does not mean they are insensitive. Remember when you see someone ask are they okay. I mean really ask and care. Just because they look together, they do not drink does not mean they do not deal with depression. I said what I said.

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