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Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Its nothing better than Friends. You need different friendships.

Bitch you better have friends.

The importance of sisterships. I posted my tips on facebook I thought would me helpful for those that are trying to develop a sistership with other women.

“Sistership tips...

I get it . You want this perfect thing where you can tell people everything. You cant. Be very careful of who you tell things to. Even your best friends.

I have a best friend who takes on everything and wont ever let it go. I mean I could be pissed the fuck off where Im done. But somehow me and the person resolved the issue. But she still mad for me. I'm very careful about what I tell her because she dont need to carry around my bullshit that I done moved on from.

So I got me a few ice cold bitches in my life that I can tell shit to and they dont give a fuck they just here for the story.

I got a therapist that I tell other shit to. And if that gets out I will hunt her down

I got hubby that I tell other shit to. But he doesn't hear any of my bitches stories nigga get your own friends

I got my besties I tell other shit too.

I got rational chicks with great advice

I got them stupid bitches that's ready to be stupid I love them bad too.

if it's a secret I keep it to myself.

If all else fails write that mess down and mail it to yourself. Re read that story and reflect. Does your actions make sense...

Know thy self ... this way you can deal with others a little better.”

November 12, 2019

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