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Long Baths Vs Long Showers either way enjoy

So one day I wondered. How do other people feel about long baths vs showers? Honestly, I love both. How can you not enjoy self-care? My everyday life is so busy. I think bathroom time is the only time you can really close out the world. I really wish that everyday I could take either a long bath or a long shower. Depending on your house dynamic sometimes this is difficult. If you live in a city more than likely you share 1 bathroom with your family. The lucky ones have 2 bathrooms or more. It is the little things that some of us love. Me I love bathroom time. So, I asked on my fb what do you prefer. I did get many different answers and reasons. There is not a right or wrong answer. Its all about preference.

One response that intrigued me was an older woman I know. She had knee replacement. She had her bathtub removed and a walk shower installed. So, she cannot take a bath even if she wanted to.

The other response was from a young man I know. He does a 1.5-hour bath ritual every Thursday. He has the whole setup. Candles, bath bombs and smell goods. It sounds yummy. He clearly lives alone because in my house it would be mayhem for anyone in there that long.

So again, it depends on your family dynamic and where you live to allow for certain things. Therefore, I encourage solo vacations for those that have a family or live with others in a small space. You need self-care and self-love too. As a lifestyle coach my suggestion is to book a room for night to either take a long shower or a long bath because baby. It is sometimes needed.

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