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Travel is Life: Fuck That

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Bitch You better

Blog – To Travel is Life

Noonie Greene

For me travel is life. I had to really think long and hard about the decision I made to continue to travel during a pandemic. I remember going on road trips with my dad from Brooklyn New York to North Carolina. I just loved getting away from the neighborhood. I enjoyed seeing different things and coming back wondering what else does this world have to offer. I can say that surviving Sept 11th fueled my passion for travel. After seeing the towers fall with my own eyes. I decided right then and there I will go and do what ever I want. I booked an international flight 1 year later and went on vacation to another country solo.

At this point I have traveled to over 27 countries and 15 of those were solo adventures. I travel between 3-5 times every year. So, this pandemic really threw me for a loop. I already suffer from SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder. These New York City winters really brings my entire spirit and soul down. The older I get the harder it is on me. Now I see why the older folks move south. I cannot take it. I am getting me a house on somebody’s beach soon enough.

I have been working from home since March 16 2020. For the first 4 months of this pandemic. I did not go outside for anything. I did not go to the store I had everything delivered. I was stressed and watching so much death happen was so traumatic. In July I started noticing how I felt inside almost numb. I put on Covid weight quickly. Oh no what is going on. Nothing was working I knew travel was what I need How the hell do I manage what I need and this pandemic.

I have an investment property in the state of North Carolina. I had major renovations done and I needed to come in person finish up a few things before I rent it out. That was in October 2020. It took me 1 year to do the renovations in a pandemic from New York. I was beyond stressed. So, after I got through that first flight I was more at ease.

I am more comfortable traveling than I am with going to the grocery store. For travel it is almost required for every event to have a negative Covid PCR or vaccination. I have been tested before and after every trip I have taken since October. I still wear my mask and practice all my safety habits.

Right now, I am taking advantage of the good deals I can snag. The fact that less people are wiling to travel that I can have a great time places and its not overcrowded yet. Since October of 2020 I have been to North Carolina a few times. I have been to ST Petersburgh Florida. Went Kayaking there fell out the kayak and in my head, I thought the seaweed was an alligator I thought I died in that damn water. I went to Daytona Beach Florida and had the whole beach to myself it was wonderful. I went to Playa del Carmen and Tulum Mexico. My friend lives there and we were able to get to the beach. I went to St Thomas which I had the best time ever. Went to a beach party, took the ferry to St John and met some dope ass people along the way. I just came back from a cabin trip in Blue Ridge Georgia. Everyone had to submit Covid negative Pcr test 5 days prior to the trip. I have a trip to Jamaica coming next week.

My husband refuses to do any travel with me. We have totally different views on how to navigate during this pandemic. I have lost friends and coworkers. I was literally dying inside. Travel is life for me. To go to a warm beach and not have to think about anything for a few days. I deserve it. I deserve to feel a small piece of luxury even if its jus a few days. Hell before the pandemic my life was heavy. So I just took control and blocked out the outside world thoughts and move in the same way I have been moving for these past 5 months. I will blogging about how my husband deals with my traveling lifestyle. I know you guys want to know.

Wash your hands wear your mask get tested before going. But bitch you Better travel on.

#Travel is Life

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